Trans Inclusion

Read about Theta Phi Alpha’s Policy on Non-discrimination, updated in 2017:
Dear Sisters, 
It’s time that we reach out to our sisterhood about a topic that’s been at the forefront of many Fraternity discussions over the past few years: Theta Phi Alpha’s membership policy regarding transgender women.
The topic of transgender membership has sparked numerous questions over the years as we discussed the best way to meet the needs of women today while preserving the values inherent to Theta Phi Alpha.
On our college campuses, transgender women may have already gone through recruitment and may be a part of our sisterhood already. Other chapters are proactively preparing for these potential new members. And during our extension presentations, we are often asked by campus administrators to define our policy on transgender members. Therefore, after many in-depth discussions, research, and most of all, the consideration of our core values, we are revising our policy on non-discrimination to allow membership to those who self-identify as women, regardless of their gender assigned at birth. We also affirm that initiated members are not subject to loss of membership on the basis of transitions in gender identity after initiation.
As we worked hard to determine our policy on transgender women, we were repeatedly reminded that promoting inclusion is not entirely new territory for Theta Phi Alpha.  What was once an organization for Catholic women is now an organization open to women of all faiths and religious backgrounds.  Our current membership includes women with a broad range of gender expression as well as a broad range of sexual orientations.  We are already challenging the idea that there is only one way to be a “woman” in a women’s organization.
We should all be proud of our longstanding history of justice to each fellow man. And our willingness to provide opportunities for a diverse group of women. As a whole, we come together to fulfill our shared commitment to advance women’s personal, academic, social, and professional development. 
With this announcement it’s important to keep in mind that this policy does not alter our membership standards in any way. Our collegiate women have always chosen new members based on their alignment with our values and this is how we expect them to continue to choose new members. We were diligent in consulting many of our members over the past few years before making this decision, but we recognize that individual opinions and understandings of this matter may vary. 
While individual members of Theta Phi Alpha have a wide variety of personal beliefs, our core values as an organization have not changed. We hope that all of our sisters will continue to find common ground and support one another throughout our lifelong journey in the pursuit of our most authentic selves.
Thank you for your support and for being a part of our ever loyal, ever lasting, and ever evolving sisterhood. Please email us with any questions.
Yours in the Bonds of Sisterhood,
Theta Phi Alpha Grand Council