Theta Phi Alpha Branding

On this page you will find all of the files you need to carry out our brand at the personal, chapter, association and club level.

You all are now our brand ambassadors and our goal is to make sure that whether someone meets a Theta Phi from New Jersey or Missouri, they will know right away that those two women are linked by values, philanthropy, experience and sisterhood.

Just like our Founders, we still seek to empower women to excel in life and enrich our lives. We are excited to use this new visual identity to help share everything that Theta Phi Alpha offers as an organization.

Email us with any questions or comments about our new brand.

Logo Files:

Primary Logo (full color)

Primary Logo (no tagline)

Primary Logo (all white)

Secondary Stacked Logo (full color)

Secondary Stacked Logo (all white)

Compass Graphic

Zoom Backgrounds

Brand Guidelines:

Downloadable PDF

Usage Guide

Style guide

Official Colors:


  • PANTONE: 2945 C
  • CMYK: 100, 73, 20, 5
  • RGB: 0, 74, 151
  • HEX: 004A97


  • PANTONE: 116C
  • CMYK: 0, 18, 100, 0
  • RGB: 255, 206, 0
  • HEX: FFCE00


  • PANTONE: Cool Gray 6C
  • CMYK: 35, 29, 28, 0
  • RGB: 169, 168, 169
  • HEX: A9A8A9