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March 2024 President's Blog

Mar 19, 2024 | Categories: Announcements, Blog

March 2024 President's Blog

Dear Theta Phi Alphas,

Our 54th National Convention will be held in Baltimore, Maryland, July 10 - 14. As convention approaches, it brings back memories of my first convention in 1988 as the collegiate delegate for the Alpha Pi Chapter in Chicago, Illinois. This summer will be the 17th convention I have attended. 1988, I was in awe of the convention experience and our national organization. For the first time, I met Theta Phi Alphas, who were not members of my chapter. I talked to and took pictures with our leadership. Conversations with other collegians about their chapters resulted in learning great ideas to bring back to mine. I participated in business sessions pertinent to our entire organization, not just my chapter, and got to experience how parliamentary procedure worked. Addresses were exchanged (there were no cell phones, and long-distance phone calls were expensive at that time) of friends I had made, and I corresponded with them during the next school year. I left convention knowing I would be involved at the national level when I became an alumna, including a desire to be on the Grand Council and maybe even National President one day. This experience made me realize that there was more to Theta Phi Alpha than being the only national sorority on my campus and that because of the energies, abilities, and talents of the alumnae who believed in and volunteered for Theta Phi Alpha, I was able to have a wonderful experience in my chapter. I have continued to attend national conventions because, as an alumna, I believe in the experience that Theta Phi Alpha is providing for our members. Convention is a time to see Theta Phi Alpha friends every two years and to make new friends. I want to ensure that Theta Phi Alpha is a relevant, sustainable organization that lasts beyond my lifetime.  

Is attending the 54th National Convention in your plans? It's not just about the business sessions and the voting. It's also about the connections you make, the friendships you forge, and the memories you create. Visit our convention page on the website (login required) for information. Registration opens on April 1. The Convention committee has been working throughout this biennium to ensure that convention will be a meaningful experience for our members. We will consider numerous motions affecting our operations and ritual during the business session. Members of the Grand Council and Board of Trustees will be elected. Awards will be given to our chapters, associations, and individual members who have excelled or reached milestones during this biennium. The 2024 Theta Phi Alpha Foundation scholarship recipients will be recognized. Our Siena Medalist will be honored and share her story with us. We will celebrate Theta Phi Alpha at our culminating event, our Fraternity Night Banquet. Attendees will have the opportunity to attend optional events, including a baseball game and an educational opportunity at the B&O Museum. I hope you are able to attend and make new connections!

In January, chapter and association presidents, past national presidents, and members of the Grand Council received information via email to vote on three proposals that were submitted for consideration for Action Without a Meeting. These proposals, crucial for the future of our 2024 Convention and the way certain rituals and events will be conducted, are in your hands. Your vote matters. Please remember to discuss these proposals with your chapter or association and submit your vote by April 29, 2024. Any questions can be directed to the National Office at [email protected] or (440) 899-9282.

I hope to see you in Baltimore in July! Below is a picture of me with my chapter flag. If you join us in July, you can take a picture with your chapter or association flag. Do you have a Theta Phi Alpha picture to share? Please submit it using our Photo and Video Submission form.  


Kristin Henkenius
National President