President’s Blog

Sep 22, 2023

September 2023 President's Blog

September 2023 President's Blog

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Theta Phi Alpha, 𝝧𝚽𝝖.…this is who we are.  Our Founders chose our name for us in 1912.  This is the name on our articles of incorporation and in our governing documents.  As an organization, we protect our name, logo, and identity through trademarks.  I am proud to be a Theta Phi Alpha…I wouldn’t want to be anything else!  I know our members feel the same.  As I’m scrolling through Facebook and Instagram and seeing pictures of recruitment and other events, sometimes I cringe a little.  I see images with TPA on banners, balloons, and wooden letters.  Sometimes, I see us referred to as Thetas.  I would like to explain why this makes me cringe!

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