Starting a Chapter

Thank you for your interest in Theta Phi Alpha! Extension on college and university campuses is initiated in a variety of ways, including by local sororities, individual students, and interest groups interested in affiliating with Theta Phi Alpha, as well as Panhellenic Councils and campus administrators interested in growing the sorority community.

Approval to bring a new sorority to campus must be granted by the proper authority, so you should share your interest with them. If a Panhellenic Council exists on your campus, the Council is the proper authority for approving the addition of a new organization and selecting which organization(s) will be invited to campus. If there are no Panhellenic sororities on your campus, the property authority for extension is the administration (e.g., the senior-level student affairs staff).

As a member organization of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC), Theta Phi Alpha’s extension efforts are made in accordance with NPC extension rules. Contact the NPC to share your interest with the NPC Extension Committee Chair and learn more about the process: [email protected].

If you’re a Theta Phi Alpha sister that has transferred to a school without a collegiate chapter and are interested in establishing a Theta Phi Alpha chapter, the abovementioned extension process applies.

To learn more about the NPC extension process, visit the NPC website.