Our Symbols

The symbols of the fraternity—including its colors, jewels, flower, and mascot—showcase the unique personality of Theta Phi Alpha. Our mascot, the penguin, was chosen in the 1980s because it is the symbol of friendship. On all of our campuses, you’ll see our sisters proudly promoting our letters and symbols on banners, sweatshirts, bumper stickers, and wherever else you can squeeze in the three Greek letters.

Theta Phi Alpha Colors

Official colors

silver, gold, blue

Theta Phi Alpha Jewels, Pearl and Sapphire

Official jewels

sapphire, pearl

Theta Phi Alpha Compass

Official symbol

the compass
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Coat of Arms

The coat of arms is a crest consisting of gold, blue and silver design elements. Read More

Official Flower

The official flower of Theta Phi Alpha is the white rose.


Officially adopted as the Theta Phi Alpha mascot in 1987.

Badges and Official Insignia


A gold letter “Theta” set with pearls, superimposed upon plain gold letters “Phi” and “Alpha.”

New Member Pin

A square badge in black enamel with a gold compass in the center, and a gold border.

Centennial Badge

National President

Worn by the National President during her term of office.

Chapter President

Purchased by a chapter and worn by its president during her term of office.

Grand Council

Worn by each member of The Grand Council, other than the National President, during her term of office.

Guard of Honor Guard

Grand Council Guard

Grand Council Guards

Worn by former members of The Grand Council.

Past National President Badge