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December 2023 President's Blog

Dec 20, 2023 | Categories: Announcements, Blog

December 2023 President's Blog
Dear Theta Phi Alphas,

As 2023 ends, I am taking time to reflect and remember all the things I am thankful for. Theta Phi Alpha and our members are at the top of my list. I am so thankful to be a part of our fraternity and that I found a place to belong in college. I’m thankful for the members who mentored me throughout my service to Theta Phi Alpha and the experiences and friendships that continue to enrich my life. I’m thankful for those who came before me whose vision and leadership guided Theta Phi Alpha to remain a relevant organization today. I’m thankful for the 2022-2024 Grand Council as we work together for the Theta Phi Alpha of today and the future and all our national officers, volunteers, and staff who provide support to our members. Most of all, I’m thankful for all our members, collegians and alumnae, who believe that the experience we provide is valuable and worth our energies, abilities, and talents.

I am also thankful for the Theta Phi Alpha Foundation and the work that is being done to provide financial support to the Fraternity. This financial support allows Theta Phi Alpha to provide a relevant membership experience to our members. Are you thankful for this? If yes, I invite you to join me with a year-end donation to the Theta Phi Alpha Foundation to invest in Theta Phi Alpha and our members. You may make your donation online at, by calling the National Office at 440-899-9282, or by mailing a check to the National Office at 27025 Knickerbocker Road
Bay Village, OH 44140-2300.

In 2024 I will use my blog to share exciting updates with you about our National Convention. We have listened to feedback about convention and have been working through a change management process to identify an ideal convention state with incremental, manageable changes that will increase the value of convention for our members while also allowing us to focus on the business of the Fraternity. I hope to see you in Baltimore in July! The Convention Committee has determined that it is to the benefit of our membership that we announce future convention sites as early as possible. That said, I’m excited to share that our 2026 convention location will be announced in January. This will give our members additional time to make plans to attend.

I wish you peace, joy, and love this holiday season. May the compass be your guide as we enter the new year!


Kristin Henkenius
National President