Your Support Matters

See how far your Alumnae Dues & Donations go!

A minimum Alumnae Dues payment of $50, $20 if an alumna 5 years or less, establishes you as an alumna in good standing, allows you eligibility to serve as a National Officer, and subscribes you to our wonderful national magazine, The Compass, as well as other Fraternity communications. Your support and involvement will help us achieve great things for our sisterhood. The generous support of dues-paying sisters keeps Theta Phi Alpha running. Here is a sampling of some ongoing and recent projects made possible thanks to your alumnae dues.


  • Design and publication of The Compass
  • Design, hosting, and maintenance of
  • Maintenance of the Member Portal
  • Improved online reporting for chapters and associations
  • Support of alumnae, collegians, and new members, as well as associations, clubs, chapters, and emerging chapters during the COVID-19 pandemic


  • Continued Fraternity growth, opening and re-opening chapters, alumnae associations, and alumnae clubs
  • Expansions to open chapters (See our list of emerging chapters!)
  • Extension presentations and exploratory visits at interested campuses

National Office

  • Rent payments for the ΘΦΑ National Office—over 2,000 square feet of office space
  • To help towards staffing needs that include the duties of: Full-time Executive Director, Director of Collegiate Services, and other professional staff
  • Over 18,000 hours of work by staff members each year, including six full-time staff members, one part-time staff member and two Leadership Consultants

Strategic Planning

  • Increasing Volunteer opportunities for members
  • Offering membership development and programming for all stages of membership

Chapter and Alumnae Association Support

  • Development and implementation of an effective, phased program for transition from an emerging chapter to an installed chapter
  • Leadership Consultant (LC) program to support all of ΘΦΑ's chapters and emerging chapters
  • Dedicated staffing to support associations, chapters, and emerging chapters
  • Award and recognition programs


  • Acquisition of badges (including the badge of Founder May C. Ryan!) and other historical items
  • Trademarking of the name Theta Phi Alpha, Greek letters ΘΦΑ, Ever Loyal, Ever Lasting logo, Coat of Arms, Badge and new logo
  • License Agreement with Affinity Marketing Consultants to ensure that only licensed vendors use our trademarked symbols

Membership Education

  • Membership development experiences for collegians and alumnae
  • Implementation of online learning modules to support collegians wherever they are learning
  • DEIA Education and Programming

Leadership Development

  • Programming for ΘΦΑ National Convention
  • Annual Officer Leadership Training for chapter executive board members
  • Theta Phi Day of Service for collegians to learn more about servant leadership and service to community

Support of National Officers and Volunteers

  • Training and professional development
  • Operational costs (e.g., travel, correspondence, manuals, photocopies, and phone expenses)

3 Easy Ways To Pay Your Dues Or Make Donations!

  1. Phone (via credit card) Call 1-440-899-9282
  2. Mail (via check or credit card)
    Print form: Alumnae Dues Form (177k, pdf)
    Mail payment and form to:
    Theta Phi Alpha
    27025 Knickerbocker Road
    Bay Village, OH 44140-2300
  3. Pay Online (via credit card)

Alumnae Dues Keepsakes

Appreciation gifts will be available to the first 100 alumnae who contribute over $100 in Alumnae Dues.

Don’t forget to visit the Penguin Shoppe!

Sporting Theta Phi Alpha attire and accessories is another great way to show love and support for Theta Phi Alpha!