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September 2023 President's Blog

Sep 22, 2023 | Categories: Announcements, Blog

September 2023 President's Blog

Dear Theta Phi Alphas,

Theta Phi Alpha, π§πš½π–.…this is who we are. Our Founders chose our name for us in 1912. This is the name on our articles of incorporation and in our governing documents. As an organization, we protect our name, logo, and identity through trademarks. I am proud to be a Theta Phi Alpha…I wouldn’t want to be anything else! I know our members feel the same. As I’m scrolling through Facebook and Instagram and seeing pictures of recruitment and other events, sometimes I cringe a little. I see images with TPA on banners, balloons, and wooden letters. Sometimes, I see us referred to as Thetas. I would like to explain why this makes me cringe!

Theta Phi Alpha comes from the Greek alphabet. Our letters from that alphabet are Theta (𝝧), Phi (𝚽), and Alpha (𝝖). When you shorten Theta Phi Alpha to TPA, what you are calling us in Greek alphabet letters is Tau (𝝩), Rho (𝝦), and Alpha (𝝖). I realize it is easy to say TPA, find letter balloons for TPA, and even make wooden letters that say TPA, but is that who we are? No! We are Theta Phi Alpha! Use the Special Characters in Google Docs and the Greek keyboard on your phone for our Greek letters, but please do not use TPA.

We are Theta Phi Alphas or Theta Phis. Kappa Alpha Theta, one of the 26 organizations that belong to the National Panhellenic Council (NPC) with us, are known as Thetas. If you are on a campus where Kappa Alpha Theta is not, we are still Theta Phis. If we use Theta Phi Alphas or Theta Phis and educate those who call us Theta, we can be sure that we will be called by the correct name.

Please do your part to honor the name chosen by our Founders, the name on your initiation certificate, and the name we continue to protect through trademarks today. We are Theta Phi Alpha, Theta Phi, π§πš½π–! Enjoy some of my pictures showing that I am a Theta Phi Alpha! Do you have a picture to share that shows you are a Theta Phi Alpha? If yes, submit it here.


Kristin Henkenius
National President

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