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July News & Notes

Jul 10, 2016 | Categories: Blog

July News & Notes

As I reflect over the biennium and I prepare for the State of the Fraternity, I am reminded of all the changes that have occurred. Changes can be difficult, but they can also be good. When change occurs it means something familiar is exchanged for something new and unfamiliar. But not moving forward is sometimes just not an option.

I have had some changes in my life this biennium as well. Saying goodbye forever to my mother was hard, but it is the circle of life and we must go on. My daughter getting married means a change too. The little girl has grown up. Yes, I will always be her mother, but it will be different. We have feelings of sadness and joy as we add a new member to our family. Change had to happen to make room for this new addition.

I find it interesting and comforting that with all these changes there is something constant. It is Ritual. The ritual of a memorial service, the ritual of a wedding. Some rituals are few and far between, some are daily, but these rituals are there to help us weather change.

This week Theta Phis will be attending the ritual of Convention in St. Louis, Missouri. This ritual occurs every two years and concludes with the ritual of Installation of the new leadership. I hope the ritual does its magic once again, bringing comfort to the change that a new biennium brings.

It has been an honor to serve my sisters these last eight years. I am a better person for serving. My sisters and my #FriendsAcrossBadges have taught me so much. 

Thank you, I could not have done it without you by my side.



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