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April 2023 President's Blog

Apr 21, 2023 | Categories: Announcements, Blog

April 2023 President's Blog
The first time I attended our Founders’ Day Ceremony was in 1988 at National Convention. I remember thinking that it was a beautiful ceremony that honored our Founders, and wondered why my chapter didn’t celebrate Founders’ Day. In April of 1990, that changed for Alpha Pi chapter when alumnae helped us plan a celebration at a local restaurant. Since that time I have celebrated Founders’ Day with Theta Phi Alphas each year. As a collegian the ceremony connected me to the history of Theta Phi Alpha. I thought about our 10 founders forming an organization in 1912 that I was able to join in 1986, and how special it was to belong to an organization that had stood the test of time. As a young alumna, celebrating Founders’ Day was a reason to gather with special alumnae who I did not see often enough, to stay connected to collegians, present awards, and donate to the Theta Phi Alpha Foundation. This year I celebrate my 37th year of membership in Theta Phi Alpha, and the impact of the Founders’ Day ceremony and honoring our Founders becomes greater each year. As National President it was humbling to read my own words this year as I celebrated Founders’ Day with Alpha Pi chapter and the Northeastern Nebraska Alumnae Association. I invite you to read my National President’s Proclamation here.

I find it fitting that Theta Phi Alpha celebrates our Founders’ Day in the same month as National Volunteer Week. Theta Phi Alpha would not be the organization it is today without our volunteers who give their precious time, energies, and talents to support our membership. I believe our volunteers are the heart of our organization. I thank you for your Every Loyal, Ever Lasting commitment to Theta Phi Alpha from the bottom of my heart!

Founders’ Day reminds us that as Theta Phi Alphas we can make a difference and support our members and our Fraternity through a donation to the Theta Phi Alpha Foundation. The Grand Council continues to work on our strategic goals for the biennium, which are to define the membership experience for all stages of membership and create a plan to achieve financial sustainability. These goals cannot be met without the support of our membership. To assist in the efforts of accomplishing our strategic goals, the Theta Phi Alpha Foundation provides a variety of ways for our members to financially support our Fraternity through donations to leadership education, programming, and technology. You can read more information about the Foundation and how to make a donation at

What are your memories of Founders’ Day? If you have a memory you would like to share, email [email protected].

Please enjoy pictures of my Founders’ Day celebrations from over the years!


Kristin Henkenius
National President