Convention 2020 Questions Answered

Why was the 2020 National Convention postponed?

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced numerous challenges to our Convention planning efforts including travel disruptions, inter-state quarantine requirements, venue closures, and gathering restrictions. Grand Council voted to keep the health, safety, and well-being of our members, volunteers, delegates, staff and guests as our top priority. Two-thirds of our chapter presidents, alumnae association presidents, and Past National Presidents have provided their consent to authorize Grand Council to postpone the Convention. Convention will be held again in the summer of 2022.

Why can't Convention take place in 2021 instead of 2022?

Unfortunately, a Convention in 2021 wouldn't be feasible since Theta Phi Alpha has already contracted to hold Convention at a venue for the summer of 2022. Look for that location announcement in our State of the Fraternity address this July!

Will an alternative virtual experience be offered?

Yes! We are excited to offer virtual events to our sisters all summer long through our new Compass Connections program. Stay tuned for a calendar of events, including the State of the Fraternity, National Awards, Foundation traditions, games, and other events to keep our members informed and connected throughout the summer.

Can anything be done for the collegians who will now miss out on the opportunity to attend Convention?

We're especially sensitive to how this affects our collegians who can no longer attend Convention. There are many different ways alumnae can attend National Convention 2022 and we'll be glad to talk with students about that further. Please contact [email protected].

Do I need to cancel my registration?

No, National Office will take care of canceling your Convention registration for you.                         

Will my Convention fee be fully refunded?

Yes, a full refund will be issued to our registrants by June 15. In addition to refunds, we also welcome the option to consider donating a portion, or the entirety, of your registration fees to Theta Phi Alpha Fraternity or the Theta Phi Alpha Foundation. To learn more, please contact Alex Ziton-BIgley, Coordinator of Finance at [email protected] or 440-899-9282 x102.

If I choose to have my registration refunded, what do I need to do to receive it?

National Office will automatically cancel all Convention registrations by June 15. This action will prompt a refund to be processed to the original form of payment. If you paid for registration via check, please contact Alex Ziton-BIgley, Coordinator of Finance at [email protected] or 440-899-9282 x102.

I already paid for my Convention charm, Will I still RECEIVE IT?

Payment for the 2020 Convention charms will be refunded as part of your entire registration refund. However, since the National Office has already received the charms, members who purchased one will be offered the opportunity to repurchase the charm before sales are opened up on July 1 to additional members. These will certainly make for a great conversation piece in the years to come! If you're interested, please place an order by emailing [email protected] or calling 440-899-9282.

I already purchased my airfare, what do I do now?

General attendees should begin contacting their airlines to inquire about their change and/or cancellation policies.

How will elections for Grand Council and Board of Trustees members take place?

In accordance with the National Constitution and Bylaws, Grand Council and Board of Trustees elections, will be held at the 2022 Convention (ARTICLE V, SECTION 1C). 

Do Delegates and Alternates still need to register? 

No, delegates do not need to register for virtual events held this summer.

Will Awards still be presented?

Yes, awards will still be presented through a virtual event this summer. All physical awards will be mailed to the recipients in August 2020. Stay tuned for more information about the virtual awards celebration!

How will proposals for Ritual and the national constitution and bylaws be voted upon?

Per our National Constitution and Bylaws, motions will be handled by mail vote in 2021 (ARTICLE IX, SECTION 2).

I already purchased a White Rose Bouquet, what do I do now?

You may donate the funds already paid or receive a refund. To initiate your refund please contact Alex Ziton-BIgley, Coordinator of Finance at [email protected] or 440-899-9282 x102.

Will the Convention Roll Call still occur this year to support the Theta Phi Alpha Foundation?

Yes, we will host the opportunity to participate in a roll call on August 30, 2020, Theta Phi Alpha's anniversary. More details will follow.

Will the Foundation still host a silent auction and Parade of Prizes?

Theta Phi Alpha Foundation will be hosting a Silent Auction this summer. Follow our social media channels and newsletters for future updates.

If I have donations for the Foundation, where can I send them?

Please contact us at [email protected] so we can connect with you.

I was planning to attend Convention as a vendor/sponsor/invited guest. Who should I contact with questions?

If you are a sponsor, vendor or invited guest to Convention, please contact Kathryn Hartmann, Theta Phi Alpha Executive Director 440-899-9282 to discuss any questions.

Can I still purchase White Rose Garden Cards and Stickers from the Foundation?

White roses are available year-round for purchase at - cards can be sent to you to complete, or we can send on your behalf. It is helpful to provide us with mailing information for your recipients. Thank you!

As a National Officer, is my Convention Report still required?

Yes. All National Officers, Chapters, and Alumnae Associations should submit their Convention Report by 6/15/2020. Reports can be submitted through our web form. Reports will be compiled and published by 7/11/2020.


Yes, Theta Phi Alpha has had two previous postponements of Convention. Conventions were postponed from 1934 to 1935 related to the Great Depression and the desire to hold Convention during the Silver Jubilee year (1937). Also, from 1943 to 1945 due to a declaration by the government that all conferences and conventions be cancelled due to the war effort for World War II.