Convention Reports

Convention 2018 Reports

Convention Reports are now available!

At each National Convention, the Convention body is presented with a comprehensive set of reports that outline the Fraternity’s activities for the biennium. The presidents of colonies, chapters, and alumnae associations and all national officers (other than Chapter Advisors and Colony Advisors) are to submit a report to the Convention. The biennium report should cover the entire period from July 2016 through June 2018.

The report should not be longer than a single page in length in a Word document. Your chapter, association, or colony name should appear at the top of the report. If you are a national officer, the title of your office should appear at the top of the report. Please copy and paste the content of your report into the form submission on this website.

The reports are printed as submitted, so please proofread your report carefully, checking for grammar and spelling errors. The report should be well-written and positive in tone. A chapter might consider asking its Chapter Advisor, Conference Director, or Conference Administrator for ideas or to review the report before submittal. Likewise, Alumnae Associations may contact National Vice President-Alumnae, for assistance. National Officers may contact the National Executive Secretary or the officer to whom they report for guidance. Additionally, you can contact the National Office to request a copy of the report from your group or office from the prior biennium.

Topics to Cover in Your Report

Select the type of Convention Report you would like to submit. On each page, the recommended topics and questions are listed and are comprehensive, as they were written to apply to all chapters, associations, colonies, and officers. Choose the questions that apply to your group or position; omit any that do not apply or for which you have nothing to report. Be sure to emphasize your strengths.

See the sample.

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