Compass Points Award Spring Recipients and Nomination Form

Spring 2023 Compass Points Honorees are Samantha Torres, Alpha Epsilon, and Jessica Knerr, Alpha Psi, North; Jessie McGuire, Gamma Eta, and Caeley Looney, Alpha Tau, South; Drew Melendez, Beta Xi, East; And Debra Ashby, Gamma Zeta, West. Samantha is recognized for national service by doing an incredible job of holding members accountable while supporting them endlessly. Jessica is recognized for national service by striving to make our programs modern, relevant, and inclusive for all. Jessie is recognized for special achievement and has been Managing Partner of ThoughtMatter, spurring meaningful change. Caeley is recognized for special achievement by creating the nonprofit Reinvented, which inspires interest in STEM for young women worldwide. Drew is recognized for emerging leadership for supporting chapters with a contagious positive attitude. Debra is recognized for wealth of wisdom by ensuring our teams and chapters are knowledgeable and empowers them to find creative solutions.

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The alumnae of Theta Phi Alpha demonstrate the lifelong membership aspects of our sisterhood. They serve in a variety of officer roles and provide the greatest amount of financial support to the sorority and the Theta Phi Alpha Foundation. Theta Phi Alpha alumnae bring great honor to our Fraternity, not only for what they bring to the organization, but for all of their accomplishments, achievements and good works demonstrate what makes Theta Phi Alpha so special.

Nominate a sister who models the ideals of the Fraternity. Introducing her to our membership, advisors, and Panhellenic community will have a ripple effect on the image of Theta Phi Alpha. Within Theta Phi Alpha, the Compass Points awards program will strengthen the chain of sisterhood that links us together by celebrating each other's accomplishments.

The Compass Points award is an alumnae award program for Theta Phi Alpha administered by the Board of Trustees. All alumnae are eligible to be nominated for any of four compass points awards.

These awards are named after their direction point on the compass. Nominators can suggest a category for their nomination, however, the Board of Trustees may award someone elsewhere to provide balance and the best slate of awardees. Nominations that cover ideals embodied in the Creed of Theta Phi Alpha will be weighted more highly.

Recipients will receive a Compass Points Recognition Pin, and be featured in The Compass of Theta Phi Alpha and on the Compass Points Recipients web page.

Compass Points Awards will be awarded at least twice a year, in the Spring and Fall, but may be awarded to additional recipients throughout the year. Nominations carry over, so your nominee will be considered again if not chosen.