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Being a Theta Phi Alpha Volunteer or National Officer is one of the most rewarding experiences available to a member; not only is it an opportunity to learn and enhance various professional and leadership skills, but it is also an opportunity to connect to Theta Phi Alpha and its membership on a much deeper level.

Listed below is a sample of available opportunities but there are always opportunities available beyond those included below.  All alumnae, regardless of age or time availability, are encouraged to apply and inquire about current openings and opportunities. Varying levels and types of skills are always needed!

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer or National Officer for Theta Phi Alpha, fill out the National Officer Application (link below). For additional information, you may also contact [email protected].

National Officer Application

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Open National Officer positions reporting to:

Core Competencies Further Explained

Theta Phi Alpha considers the unique skill set of each member when recommending volunteer appointments.  The individual skills are matched with the skills listed in the volunteer job descriptions to ensure a rewarding experience for the member.  Some self-reflective questions and a list of skills that Theta Phi Alpha is seeking are included below.  

What is a competency?

  • A core competency refers to knowledge or expertise in a given area
  • An individual’s competencies are the combination of skills, traits, and former knowledge, that make up your distinct working style
  • They are inherent aspects of your personality or qualities you have gained over the course of your professional career

How do I figure out my competencies?

  • Consider what behavioral traits you have
  • Identify your interpersonal communication skills
  • Consider how your mind works and identify some of the particular strengths related to your thinking style
  • What leadership traits do you have?
  • There are online assessments that can help you define your competencies
Examples of Competencies:
Ability to learn independently Cultural Awareness/Sensitivity   Networking
Accuracy/Attention to Detail Decision Making Organization
Adaptability Decisiveness Oversight
Analysis Delegating Resiliency
Being Observant Determination Persuasiveness
Coaching Discipline Planning
Communication Skills (verbal)
Financial Awareness
Communication Skills (written)
Conceptual thinking Innovation Self-development
Confidentiality Integrity Self-knowledge
Conflict/Confrontation Management   Judgement Showing/Taking Initiative
Collaboration    Leadership Situational Awareness
Creative Thinking Listening Vision
Critical Thinking Motivating  
*this is not a full list, but does include the competencies Theta Phi Alpha would like to know about for our National Officers
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