Our Mission

  • The Mission of Theta Phi Alpha is


    to create close comradeship, to advance educational, social and philanthropic interests and leadership training; to encourage spiritual development and adherence to the highest moral standards; and to promote lifelong bonds of friendship.



  • Our Vision


    The vision of Theta Phi Alpha is to develop women of Character, Compassion, Creativity, and Confidence.



  • Our Values


    We are a women’s fraternity founded on six ideals of human character. The Sisters of Theta Phi Alpha hold these values close to our hearts and strive to live them.



    Our decisions are based upon strong moral judgment (beliefs) and the ideal of equitable, fair, and reasonable treatment to all fellow people. We stand up for causes that we believe in and support those who are incapable of seeking their own justice. We recognize injustice as we encounter it in the world and in our lives, and do what is in our power to rectify it.



    We recognize a continuous need for personal growth and self-improvement. We seek advice from others and listen with open minds. We learn through the accumulation and interpretation of knowledge and truth, and from that, endeavor to develop a deep understanding of the world.



    We stand by our friends through good times and bad, and lend them a helping hand when needed. We are dedicated to the Fraternity and are motivated to further its ideals and achieve success. The bonds we create with our sisters are bonds for life; we maintain a connection to them beyond our time in college and support them with our hearts and minds.



    We hold strong faith in our friends, family, and personal beliefs. We do not compromise our values for the benefit of others; rather, we maintain them with steady minds and pure hearts. We seek comfort in faiths of our own choosing and are respectful of others when their choices differ from ours.



    We are honest to ourselves and others. We recognize that people make mistakes, ourselves included; in seeking truth, we pardon error. We extend the hand of trust in exchange for that in return. We are true to ourselves and know and love ourselves for who we are.



    We conduct ourselves honorably, with a sense of dignity and pride in ourselves and the Fraternity we represent. We do what we can for the good of the Fraternity, step up as needed to help further its goals, and do everything in our power to maintain the high standards of the Fraternity and continuously elevate its reputation.


    Every Theta Phi Alpha sister is a living symbol of the Fraternity’s values.