Northeast Greek Leadership Association Scholarships

Theta Phi Alpha Foundation is proud to partner with NGLA for 2023 by offering two scholarships to expand Theta Phi Alpha’s attendance at the NGLA Annual Conference, which will cover the student’s registration. The Northeast Greek Leadership Association (NGLA) provides educational experiences and programming

Each February, NGLA brings together collegians with professionals at an Annual Conference. In 2023, the conference will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from February 23-26. Last year’s conference hosted participants from 33 states – all are welcome to attend.

Selection criteria for scholarships offered by Theta Phi Alpha Foundation will include emphasis on students who might otherwise be unable to attend. Scholarship applicants will also be eligible for scholarships provided by NGLA. One application: two opportunities! Initiated sisters of Theta Phi Alpha may apply here.

NGLA is committed to assisting chapters to align actions with values. They promote learning, community building, values-based leadership, and overall well-being of students and professionals. With a primary focus on campuses in the Northeastern US, their territory expands through Pennsylvania and encompasses over 55% of Theta Phi Alpha’s campuses.

This year’s conference is planned to provide fraternal leaders with inspiration, hope, and vision to navigate our current world. What a great organization for women who let the compass be our guide!